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"We build your assets through human capital". The vision clearly stresses that people are assets and not mere numbers. There is always a tendency to protect assets and value them. We at Morpheus clearly believe that word Human Capital adds dignity to our Business- not as Brokers, not as Manpower Suppliers, not as CV Suppliers but as Consultants dealing in a precious commodity - Human Capital.
Franchising is the legal right to carry out a business in accordance with a particular operational method and under a specific brand. This includes the right to use trademarks, logos, a business system, operating procedures, IT and marketing techniques.

It can be seen as you working for yourself and running your own business; however, you go to market with the benefits of a household name and a dedicated team supporting you with advice and guidance on how to operate effectively.

Experience of more than 10 years in recruitment services.

Tie up with reputed companies from India and abroad

Commercially and technically viable and proven project

Low investment and minimum risk

Reasonable ROI return on investment)

MHC Academy will support your business and help you grow with :

* Start up training and full technical and operational support

* Recruiting the team

* Making Manpower policies

* Share clients across the country and the world with regards to your territory

* Back office operations - Centralized Invoicing & Collections

* Operational processes Reporting formats, database management, requirement management, incentives etc.)

* Continuous interaction and guidance on all aspects of running the business including business development, delivery, finance, manpower issues etc.

* Share the online database of the company

* Share promotional and Branding Material

* Ongoing Business Development guidance and support

* Continuous guidance on sourcing against typical requirements

* Sourcing methods, target companies, etc. Cost Optimization.

Infrastructure Guidance- Infrastructural equipment, Office layout plan, etc.

1) Good reputation and contacts in the area

2) Suitable office space and computer with internet access

3) Initial investment of Rs.80,000/- towards franchise fee for a life time contract.

4) Willingness to undertake aggressive local promotions.

5) Familiarization with placement industry or IT enabled services shall be considered as an added advantage.

How much time does it get to get approved as a franchisee?

Initial qualification involves a series of background checks and interviews and the verification of the documents provided. Hence to predict the actual time taken would be difficult, however approximately it would take around 2 to 3 weeks

Send your query to or fill the inquiry form available on the website

You will receive an e-mail with an Agreement and Presentation file.

Send the signed copy of the Agreement on Rs.100 Stamp paper along with
a) Id Proof
b) Address Proof
c) 2 Passport size photos

and courier back to Morpheus Consulting along with the Cheque or DD of Rs. 80,000/- as Franchise Fee for a life time contract.) in favour of "Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd"

Agreement signed and couriered back to
Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
108, Sagar Palazio Complex,
Sakinaka Junction,
Above Café Coffee Day,
Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E),
Mumbai 400072, India
Phone no: 022-40649800

Upon receipt of all the documents, we shall courier you back your copy and a certificate to commence business under our brand

Anywhere in India, where you get a decent candidate population.

MHC does not provide financing. But can provide support for various Institutional Programs.

Yes, however this would involve you in a type of partnership. Each group together must meet the financial qualifications and be willing to devote time and their best efforts to the operation of the Office.

MHC franchise could be granted to you as per the normal qualification process; however, on receiving the same, you will require to continue with only the MHC format & franchise.

The availability of franchises in specific geographic areas must be discussed with the management of MHC for the specific area for which you have interest. However, the availability of the locations may wary by the time the franchise qualification is complete. Therefore, geographic flexibility is a characteristic we seek in our franchises.

An Initial non refundable security deposit Fee of Rs 80,000 per office. There is no monthly fee and annual fee. Please refer to the Franchising Benefits section for further details. Applicants will need to have additional funds to cover working capital and purchase price for an existing agency or fit out costs for a new agency.

On account of confidentiality, we cannot reveal the exact details. However, after the preliminaries and the investigative report, we would be happy to discuss the financial returns in a personal meeting.

The perfect franchisee meeting our requirements would be:

*Having the capacity to make an Investment of Rs 3 to 5 lacs depending upon the chosen city.

* Self-motivated and having a dynamic personality

* Team player, good communicator and self-disciplined with acumen for setting up efficient systems

* Able to invest 7 to 9 hours on a daily basis

* Passionate about doing something useful and getting recognition in the community

* Preferably with a Sales or Training or HR background and experience

1) Extremely profitable with an estimated payback period of 12 to 18 months

2) Satisfying work as we assist people to find the right job and consequently, happiness in life.

3) Provide customized solutions.

4) Individual attention.

5) Work with a professional team with high standards of business ethics.

6) Utilize an existing, successful brand and proven methodology.

1) Like-minded entrepreneurs who want to build their own retail travel agency business, and benefit from market leading IT and know how.

2) Existing independent Training / Recruitment consultants who want to access powerful network technology, a market leading website and retain an element of the goodwill associated with their particular name.

3) Existing Recruitment Company or Training Consultants seeking to fast track their own business, and use their individual name to benefit from an established operating model and system.

The premises should be preferably on the ground floor with a maximum scope of visibility from the marketing point of view. We also consider 1st floor if there is no option.

The place need not be an owned premise it can be a rented place also provided the tenure is for a longer duration.

We have a team of 7 dedicated people who are especially been appointed for the same .The basic job profile of these team members is to upgrade the courses from time to time.

The courses are updated from time to time depending upon the developments in the software market.

Yes the appointment of the staff is done at the centralized level and the HR team members are very selective in the selection process as the best candidate is posted to a particular branch.

A senior member from the HR department assists the franchisee in appointing the staff in the initial stages by personally going to the place for appointment purpose.

We basically are interested in a people who have atleast 2 yrs experience in the field of IT for the position of Branch Manager whereas graduates and under graduates can be considered for the post of counsellors with effective communication skills.

Teaching is an aspect that we do not compromise at all, we at MHC appoint the best staff with a minimum 2 yrs experience in teaching. We also give opportunity to the fresher's who apply, but they are allowed only to take the lower end courses initially and then allowed to teach high end courses.

Advertisement is carried out throughout the year at the corporate level to fetch maximum number of enquiries at the centre.

A lot of general campaigning is done which included advertisement in the local TV news channels, Banners, Glow signs, participating in big events, exhibitions also giving sponsorship for events which are of importance to us from the business point.

A huge amount is spent on the advertisement which ranges from 15-25 % of the total budget spending.

We generally emphasis on Local Advt so that business remains constant in the years to come.

The creative and regional advertisement would be supported by the Head Office

No we do not provided job placement to all the courses that are conducted at MHC Academy but we have some specific courses which get such kind of assistance.

The availability of franchises in specific geographic areas must be discussed with the management of MHC for the specific area for which you have interest. However, the availability of the locations may wary by the time the franchise qualification is complete. Therefore, geographic flexibility is a characteristic we seek in our franchises.

Audits are very much necessary to keep up to the expectations of the students who enroll at MHC Academy Audits are done on 2 grounds first is the technical audit and the second one is accounting audit. Technical audits are done every 3 months where as the accounting audits are done every month.

Fees have to be collected in the name of Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd. only.

The funds are usually transferred every 15 days from the head office.

Presence of the senior team members and the manpower support can be provided on request of the franchisee.

Yes we do have a PR agency with us who takes care of the PR activities of MHC Group.

Yes we do invite celebrities but the cost is borne by the franchisee for the same.

The corporate training was set in March 2009 where as the Recruitment team has been in place for last 5 years.

The corporate team is headed by Mr. Kailash Shahani and Mrs. Archana Shahani

Yes the fee structure can be modified to an extent of 15% only by the franchisee before taking a prior permission from the head office.

Following factors are taken into account before we sign up with any Franchisee.

* Basic interest in spreading computer literacy

* Sound investment capability.

* Suitable premise measuring 600 sq.fts carpet area.

* Willingness to personally devote full time efforts towards the project.


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