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The proposed program on Fundamental English is aimed at improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills for personal benefit. In addition, the program is designed to help candidates build skills and confidence to take up more advanced courses or employment.

This program can also be conducted as in-service training.

Training Objectives of EnglishMetis

  • Learn the eight parts of speech
  • Use fundamental spelling rules
  • Acquire a vocabulary of at least 500 words
  • Frame sentences with proper punctuation
  • Comprehend basic grammar aspects like tense, singular/plural and subject-verb agreement
  • Train to describe, narrate and review in short comprehensive passages
  • Complete a variety of forms related to employment and personal needs
  • Write simple friendly letters and business letters
  • Practice conversational English
  • Gain language fluency by participating in role plays and practice sessions.

Course Coverage - Candidate will gain expertise in

  • Grammar
    • Parts of speech – proper usage
    • Simple Tense
    • Subject – verb agreement in sentences
    • Singular and plural forms of commonly used nouns
    • A glimpse of common errors in grammar
  • Vocabulary
    • About 500 words with meanings and synonyms
    • Basic spelling rules
    • Commonly used new English phrases and words
  • Spoken English
    • Conversational English – for instance at the post office or the mall
    • Friendly interaction - conversation with neighbours, co-passengers
    • Conversational etiquette – dos and don’ts
    • Role play
  • Written skills
    • Describing objects
    • Simple letter writing
    • Filling out forms
    • Narrating an event or a story
    • Basic report writing


  • 100 hours, 4 weeks


  • 10th pass in English medium

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