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As today's organizations seek to maximize their investment in human capital, they look to experts in the field of workplace learning and performance to guide their efforts.

Our Corporate training programs combine modern theory with a practical interactive delivery style enabling delegates to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience. Role plays, business games and group exercises are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable.

We aim to provide your company with a 'one stop shop solution' for your training requirements.

Course content is continually updated by experience gained from the business world and Interim Management arena enabling us to keep the courses fresh, vibrant and representative of best practice throughout industry.

Training in Business Context

We help our clients implement their strategy through development of their people. We focus on what the organization’s people need to know, do and believe in order to address current or anticipated challenges, and attain specific business objectives. We refer to that as strategy execution through education.

Our Training creates the capability to move the organization forward now and in the future.

Our goal is to develop individual competencies within the broader framework of developing the organization’s capability to address its business challenges. It is our point of view that, for the CEO, training focused on organizational capabilities is a powerful business lever to make strategy happen.

That linkage of training to strategy is not an all-or-none notion; it is a continuum. At one end is individual competency development; at the other, individual competency development within the context of organizational competency development. You might call the middle ground competency development informed by the firm’s strategic context. MHC Academy programs fall throughout the range depending on the client’s needs. 

Corporate Training Programs

There are various training programs conducted by MHC Academy for the Corporate Sector, which are as follows:


Sales and Marketing

Customer Service

Personal Development

Team Skills

Organizational Development

Assertive Communication

Consultative Selling

Customer Centricity


Building Better Work Relationships

Competency Based Interviewing

Business English

Effective Sales Reporting, Writing Proposals and Business Notes

Customer Orientation & Sensitivity

Balanced Lifestyle (work life balance)

Change Management

Career Planning and Development

Business Writing Essentials

Field sales skills/Feet on Street skills

Handling Complaints

Business Etiquette

Handling Virtual Teams

Change Management

Conversational Etiquette

Key Account Management

Handling Demanding Customers

Confidence Building

Nurturing High Performance teams

Coaching & Counseling

Listening Skills

Leading and Building a SalesTeam

Handling Internal Customers

Conflict Management

Emotional Competence

Competency Mapping

Participating in Meetings

Product Selling Vs.Service Selling

Service Quality and Customer Delight

Creativity and Problem Solving

Interpersonal Communication Skills for Business

Conflict Management

Presentation Skills

Selling Skills


Delivering Successful Presentations

Winning Ways at Work

Risk Management & Decision Making Skills

Voice & Acccent Training



Emotional Competence


Effective Meetings


Visual Merchandising


Goal Setting & Planning


Employee Engagement




Lateral Thinking


Exit Interviewing Skills




Negotiation skills


Building Training Needs Analysis skills - Mapping needs to training requirements (TNA Skills)




Personal Grooming


Induction Program




Positive Attitude


Internal Customers Satisfaction




Self Motivation


Leadership Skills




Stress Management


Developing Managerial Skills




Time Management


Negotiating to win






Performance Management






Project Management skills






Stress Management






Talent Management






Vision/Mission Workshop






Working Night Shifts






First Time Managers






Supervisory Development Skills






Handling Human Resources

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