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CommMetis offers the much sought after New Age career to candidates who are proficient in English language and possess a positive attitude combined with motivation and ability to excel in high pressure work environment. .

CommMetis aims to increase employability and enhance performance of new recruits to the ITES industry.

Training Objectives - At the end of the program a candidate will achieve the following:

  • Competency to speak the universal language without the mother tongue influence
  • Ability to understand and express with clarity
  • Self-confidence to handle challenging situations
  • Skills required for a sustainable career in the ITES industry
  • 2500 word vocabulary with universally accepted grammar rules

Course Coverage

  • Language Enhancement
    • Comprehension and Conversational skills
    • Vocabulary & Grammar
    • Written skills
  • Voice and Accent
    • Voice modulation
    • Proper diction
    • Vowel and Consonant sounds
    • Neutralization of accent
  • Placement Preparation


  • 150 hours, 6 weeks


  • Arts and Science graduates with fluency in English

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